Thursday, April 5, 2012

Genre Analysis Assignment

This assignment is meant to prepare you for the larger Grassroots project by providing practice in writing genre analysis.  Starting with the genre examples you wrote in class and posted on Facebook today, you'll identify a genre convention from within that example and then discuss how that convention is used both in the genre as a whole (e.g. memoir) and in your example (a short example of memoir).

Here's a more complete description of what I'd like you to do in your write-ups for Tuesday. Overall, the total genre write-up will be two pages double-spaced, but please feel free to write more if you need more space. This assignment is meant to prepare you for the larger Grassroots project by providing practice in writing genre analysis.

For this assignment, I'd like you to select a single genre convention you see in the example you wrote during class today, and then describe how that convention is used in the larger genre (such as memoir writing) and then how you use it in your example (in the same way that Hicks discussed the introduction of her memoir draft).

For this, it helps to use your outside sources in order to explain what the genre convention is, how we recognize it, and why people use it. When discussing how you've used that convention in your example, it helps to discuss how you would revise the example in order to make that genre convention more effective in a future draft.

Types of Sources
At a minimum, you should cite three outside sources. I'd like you to have at least one source which describes the genre, but it's okay if you're only able to find examples of the genre. For example, Hicks cites Wiedbrauk because she explains the "ramping up" method used in writing school papers and the "diving right in" preferred for memoirs, and this would be an example of the first type of source. Hicks then uses Zailcka and Frey to provide supporting evidence from examples of genre.

For this assignment, there are no restrictions on the types of sources you may use. For the larger project, you'll be diversifying your sources as we did with the annotated bibliography, but for this smaller one the main goal is simply to practice genre research and analysis. Be sure to cite your sources through in-text citations and a bibliography.


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