Friday, August 8, 2014

ENG 227 - Fall 2014 - Introduction to Creative Writing

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Welcome to Creative Writing!  In this course, we'll be writing fiction, poetry, and memoir, with additional consideration of how audiences respond to the particular conventions of these genres.

Schedule of Readings and Assignments.  (This is also accessible via the Syllabus tool on ReggieNet.)

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Friday, June 27, 2014

ENG 101 - Fall 2014 - Composition as Critical Inquiry

Welcome to English 101!

Unlike most traditional writing courses, the Composition as Critical Inquiry course at Illinois State follows a Rhetorical Genre Studies (RGS) model.  This often causes confusion because we don't focus on "perfecting" writing - unlike courses you may have taken in the past, we won't try to teach "the one style of essay" that will work for all your classes because that's an impossible goal.  Instead, we examine how differing audiences expect unique genres of writing - as you'll see, every audience will have its own definition of what "counts" as "good" writing, and successful writing requires that we adapt our words to match the specific situations we face.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ENG 227 - Intro to Creative Writing - Spring 2014

Creative writing features a tremendous variety of approaches and techniques.  For ENG 227, we'll be examining how to seek out new approaches applicable to our writing goals, and understand the successful writing habits to help us realize these goals, and then effectively present our work to interested audiences.

Major topics for this course include Poetry, Fiction, Life Writing, and Cultural-Historical Activity Theory.

ENG 247.02 - Intro to Fiction - Fall 2013

This is a course designed to help students develop new techniques both as a creative writer and as a critical reader. During the semester, students will be preparing a significant collection of writing, taking part in workshops with classmates, and reading a selection of outside works. Additionally, this course will place a significant focus on using the internet as a means to present creative work to relevant outside audiences - the types of audiences who may hopefully become loyal readers as students begin the road to publication.