Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Participation Grades - The 100-Point Scale

Participation is a critical component of any creative writing course.  We learn from each other by sharing our thoughts on the readings and workshop pieces.

Course Grading - Participation

Grading Participation in a Creative Writing Course
It's difficult to assign a grade to participation.  In general, I feel that the amount of participation is more important than the "quality" or "wit" of the comments.  Creative writing is nebulous by nature - it's more important for us to say what we're thinking than it is to worry that we're saying the "right" thing.  There are very, very few "right" answers when it comes to writing, but there are many good questions.  Our goal in IFP is to explore these questions and some of the many approaches our writing can take as we respond.

Participation Scores
Participation is scored out of 100 points per unit (200 points total for the course).  The grade is a combination of both in-class and online participation in the workshops and discussions.  Online comments are required for all workshops.  For the reading days, either posting online or making points in-class will count toward participation.

100 points
Excellent participation - you're contributing to all discussions.

95 points
Very Good participation - you're contributing to almost all the discussions.

90 points
Good Participation - you're contributing to most discussions.

85 points
Decent Participation - you're contributing to about half the discussions.

80 points
Okay participation - you're contributing to around a third of the discussions, and you've missed commenting online for one or two online workshops.

75 points
Average participation - you're contributing to some discussions and you've missed online comments on three or more online workshops

70 points
Below-Average participation - you've contributed to a few discussions, but you've only made online comments for about half the online workshops.

65 points
Please Participate More - you have not participated in discussions on the readings and have commented online for fewer than half the workshops.

60 points
Please See Me so we can discuss ways for you to participate more in the course and improve your grade.

55 points or below
If I've assigned this grade, it means that I have tried to contact you regarding your participation and you haven't responded.  This is a very, very rare occurrence.  If it does happen, then please e-mail me so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your grade.

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