Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Milner Library Resources

Research is a critical component of writing.  Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or even poetry, you want your words to reflect reality - doing this effectively sometimes requires the kind of specialized knowledge best found through the library.

Illinois State Students: The Milner iTour
To combine writing and research, ISU has incorporated library skills into the English 101 lesson plan.  For a general overview, click on the Milner iTour.

The Milner Library Walking Tour
Grab your smartphone and comfortable walking shoes for a walking tour of the library.  Throughout the library you'll find QR codes (those printed squares which function like barcodes) which link to videos describing the resources available for you to examine and/or check out.  Be sure to follow the online instruction for the walking tour to install a QR reader on your phone or check out an iPad from the front desk.

Orientation and Research Ethnography
Split up into groups of three-to-four (count off by six).  For this activity, you'll be writing a narrative about how your group found the given library materials.
Delegate Research
Decide which members in your group will search for which documents.  Who feels comfortable with which areas of research?

Set Up and Share a Google Doc
First you'll need a single place to share your narratives.  Have one member of the group set up the doc to share with the other group members.  The other group members can begin research.

Describe Your Research
Did you find the materials and/or information you were looking for?  For each item you're looking for, a group member should write about how this item was sought.  At the end, you should all (as a group) write about what you learned from this experience.
Find the following resources:
- You would like to get a copy ofthe book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
- Information about the burgeoning famine in the Horn of Africa
- ISU History
- Editorial or opinion piece
- Information by an expert about risk factors, treatment, or prevention of diabetes
- Multimedia or audiovisual source

The Oral Tradition - Library Resources

Introduction to Fiction and Poetry
 Poetry - Fiction - Essays

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