Thursday, August 30, 2012

Setting and Specificity of Detail

Details make our writing real in the eyes of the reader.  And the best place to see detail (literally) is in the setting.  By examining how authors use setting to establish place, we can better understand how to use specific and relevant details to bring our writing to life.

Additional Resources

Writing Setting that Matters
Character and tone are critical aspects of writing - and setting offers one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the process of developing these areas of your writing.

Illustrate Conflict and Character
By using relevant and precise details, you can further develop the tension in a situation, which in turn heightens the interest in your characters.

Crafting the Setting Poem
We shouldn't use setting to the exclusion of other writing tools: here are some ways to strengthen multiple aspects of your tone by incorporating a rich setting.

Choosing Your Prose Setting
Although setting is "simple," it demands important decisions depending on the genre and nature of your work.


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