Thursday, January 10, 2013

English 145 - Spring 2013 - Section 006

For English 145, Writing in the Academic Disciplines, the focus of our course will be using rhetorical genre studies to better understand the social effects of genres.  By applying Cultural-Historical Activity Theory to specific long-term projects, we'll examine how the production and distribution of written materials can significantly affect its social trajectory.

Welcome to ENG 145
This semester, we'll be examining approaches to writing in the academic disciplines, and we'll be using this research to inform our approaches to public discourse.  By the end of the course, each student will have achieved the following:
  • Produced an in-depth article analysis. (Project 1)
  • Participated in a group project with documented social trajectory. (Project 2)
  • Discussed how to conduct research in writing. (Project 3)
  • Produced a work suitable for reviewed publication, identified an appropriate journal for publication, and then submitted it. (Project 1,2, or 3)
Course Policies
For this course, there are several important policies regarding attendance, plagiarism, and personal conduct.  As an instructor, it's my responsibility to cultivate a classroom atmosphere which is respectful and welcoming toward all participants, and I've developed policies which I feel contribute toward this goal.  If I may answer any questions regarding this policies, please let me know.

Daily Lesson Agendas and Quizzes
Here's a link to the GoogleDocs folder with the daily lesson agendas and past quizzes.  When doing make-up work for a missed class, be sure to address topics from the lesson plan and quiz for that day, if applicable.

General Project Schedule
The semester will be roughly divided into an early "Introduction" followed by three major projects.  Project 1 will continue through the first half of the semester (possibly longer), while Project 3 will begin in the final third of the semester.  Project 2, however, will be the "main" project.  As a class, we'll work out the appropriate timeline for this project. 

Introduction: CHAT and the Grassroots Writing Research Journal
Project 1: CHAT Articles
Project 2: "The Course Project"
Project 3: Learning to Write in a Discipline


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