Monday, October 31, 2011

Project 4: Selling to a Hostile and/or Indifferent Audience

Here it is, our last project of the semester.  For this project, you'll be integrating everything we've worked on so far to create individual projects, and then you'll use Facebook Fan Pages to share your progress and solicit suggestions from other members of your discussion groups.

Final Draft Essay with MLA Citation Due with Final Portfolio on Thursday, 12/8/2011

Unit 4 / Project 4 Overview - Updated Schedule
Project 4: Selling to a Hostile and/or Indifferent Audience
This project will be a bit more complex than our previous projects.  For this, instead of simply creating documents or sharing a story, you'll be trying to actively change someone's mind.  In addition, since you'll each be working individually while interacting with your discussion group, you'll be creating a much larger quantity of blog and Facebook posts.  In order for this to work well, you'll want to be pay close attention to how you link to your sources and the pages that your classmates have put together.

Here I've provided a quick overview of the individual components of Project 4.  I'll post more details as we come to each of these assignments, but please let me know if I happen to miss something or if there's anything left unclear.

Facebook Fan Pages
  • Create your page.
  • Become fans of the other pages in your discussion group.
  • Engage your fans.
  • Recruit more fans from among your classmates.
  • Please Feel Free to ask for your classmates for project suggestions using your fan page.  The more interactions you can get, the better.

Project Goals
  • What’s your argument?
  • Who are you trying to convince?
  • What assumptions are being questioned?
  • What will you need to research to challenge and/or support assumptions?

Research Aims
  • Which resources are valued by your audience?
  • Which resources are valued by the experts on your topic?
  • How will you present resources in a convincing manner?

Research Sources and Prepare Annotated Bibliography
  • Provide MLA citations and (if applicable) links to each of your sources.
  • How is the source important?  What assumptions does it address?  Is the source dependable?  How do you know?
  • Your goal: 10 solid sources, plus at least three of the annotated counter-examples provided by your classmates (if you copy the annotation, be sure to credit your classmate.)

Proposal Workshop (in discussion groups)
Blog Research and Facebook Fan Page
  • Write a post or About page on your blog which describes what you are attempting to do with your project.
  • Start a new Moodle discussion with your project.  Briefly state how your project will convince others to change their point of view regarding your topic.
  • Provide links to your blog and Facebook Fan Page.
  • Classmates will post their comments on your Fan Page.
  • In your comments, provide at least one source which directly challenges your classmate's argument.  Please post these to your own blog, and then post the link to your blog post on your classmate’s fan page.  On your blog post, say why you selected the particular source (i.e. how does it counter your classmate's argument?), and provide a link to the blog page you're referring to.
Workshop: Rough Draft Essay with MLA Citation

Final Draft Essay with MLA Citation Due with Final Portfolio on Thursday, 12/8/2011


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