Monday, October 31, 2011

Revised Schedule - Unit 4

Here's the revised schedule for the rest of the Fall 2011 Semester.  This schedule includes both our in-class activities and your homework assignments, so please refer back to it as needed.

Unit 4 / Project 4 Overview - Updated Schedule

Week 11
Draw CHAT map for your Grassroots essay’s subject. Are there any gaps?
Description of Project 4 Workshops: Selling to a Hostile and/or Indifferent Audience
HW: Choose Your Project 4 Topic.

Questions on Grassroots
Project 4 Workshop Sign-Ups
HW: Final Draft Grassroots due Friday Night at 8pm. Must send e-mail with names of your group members. Be sure to CC all your group members so I can easily hit “Reply All.”

Week 12 - Start of Project 4
Creating Your Facebook Fan Page
Using images with permission from
Defining the Scope of your Project
HW: Set up your Fan Page and Blog. Start Research.

Prepare your Project Goals and Research Aims.
HW: Research Sources and Prepare Annotated Bibliography.
First Half of Group: Proposals Due Sunday Night.

Week 13

Proposal Workshop: 4 Students per Group
Second Half of Group: Proposals Due Tuesday Night.

Proposal Workshop: 4 Students per Group
HW: Rough Drafts

Week 14: Thanksgiving Break: 11/22 and 11/24

Week 15
Workshops: 3 Students per Group

Workshops: 3 Students per Group

Week 16
Workshops: 2 Students per Group

Last Class
Final Portfolios Due

Unit 4 / Project 4 Overview - Updated Schedule


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