Saturday, November 12, 2011

Uploading PowerPoint Presentations to Facebook

For your Project 4 Proposals, you'll need to upload your slides to Facebook in order to share them with your classmates.

Project 4 Proposal Guidelines - Uploading PowerPoint to Facebook

Here are quick directions on how to upload your slides to Facebook.  To see what the finished product will look like, visit my Example Slides on Facebook.

1. Save your slides in JPEG format
- In the File menu, click "Save As"
- Select "JPEG" from the drop-down menu (the menu under the filename)
- Your slides will be saved as picture files in their own folder.

2. On your Facebook page, go to Photos to upload a new album.
- Use the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner to "Use Facebook As Page"
- Select your page from the list.
- Click "Photos" in the list to the left.
- Click on the "Upload Photos" button on the upper right.
- Navigate to the folder with your slides.
- Hold down the SHIFT key to select all of your slides at the same time and create an album.

3. Add in your presentation text for each slide (the "notes" or "script" you would speak from).

4. Save your work.

5. Leave your page (Click "Use Facebook as [yourself]")

6. View your fan page as yourself. Make sure your album is visible.

7. Copy the URL from your album to your group's document in the ENG 101 Group. 

See also the Example Slides on Facebook.

Project 4 Proposal Guidelines - Uploading PowerPoint to Facebook


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