Thursday, December 1, 2011

ENG 101 Final Portfolio

The final portfolio represents all the work you've written over the course of the semester.  You should be sure to proofread for grammar and spelling, and then add in notes to let me know which of your pieces stand out as your favorites as well as which ones you felt didn't work as well as you wanted.  Think of this as an opportunity to show what you've learned over the course of the semester

Formatting Requirements
You'll be submitting the final portfolio via thumb-drive on the last day of class.  If you would like to be doubly safe, I recommend e-mailing me a copy as soon as it's ready.

The filename for your portfolio should be "Last Name, First Name - ULID - Final Portfolio"
example: "Vonnegut, Kurt - kvonne - Final Portfolio"

List of Materials for Final Portfolio

Title Page
- Please include your name, section number, 
Table of Contents
- Contents of Portfolio with Page Numbers
  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Grassroots
  • Project 4
- HTML hyperlinks to your online work:
  • Project 1 Blog
  • Project 2 Blog
  • Project 4 Fan Page

New Introduction: A Response to the Introduction of Your Midterm Portfolio
- Describe your first introduction.
- Tell us how your views have changed since writing it.
- Explain what you value in writing.
- Tell us what you feel are three strengths in your writing.
- Tell us three areas in your writing you'd like to improve upon.

End-of-Term Assessment
As you've done in the Introduction, revisit the Assessment you wrote for your Midterm Portfolio. Describe the experience you've had working in groups. Assess not only your own progress, but how you feel your groups worked.  Write down the grade you feel you've earned, and describe why you feel you've earned that grade.  And it's all right not be certain - for me, the way you describe this process is far more important than the letter you write down.

Midterm Portfolio
I recommend simply expanding the entire portfolio from this document.

Grassroots Article
- Include the entire article.
- If you worked in a group, highlight the sections that you personally wrote and/or edited.

Project 4
- Proposal slides with presentation notes.
- A copy of your proposal workshop checklist (front and back)
- Copies of all the Notes and status updates you've written for your fan page.
- Final Paper (If slides or other visuals are used, please incorporate them with the paper).
- A discussion of the revisions you've made from the Rough Draft to the Final Draft.

Please Note: if you've used video, you can either copy over the video as a separate file or include a YouTube/Facebook URL in your portfolio.  If you've used a Prezi, simply include the URL.


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