Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finding Scholarly Articles on Milner

Next week will largely focus on finding good sources for your Project 1 research.  One of the key components for the project is finding useful scholarly sources via Milner Library.  Here's a series of videos that use the example of Trayvon Martin and Twitter to provide tips for finding useful sources. Note that the videos also reveals some of the frustrations of research - not every search will bring up what you're looking for.  These videos are not required for the course, but hopefully the can be helpful as you start thinking about Project 1.

Video 1: Milner Search Terms
This video talks about how to use Search Terms to track down sources for writing research.

Video 2: Milner Research Guides
This video introduces the research guides provided by Milner Library.  These guides are a bit more specialized and far more comprehensive than my videos - I highly recommend looking through them.  Or you can go straight to the Milner Library page and then scroll down.

Video 3: Long Version of Milner Scholarly Sources
In this video, I go into more detail about how I look for sources, where I save them, how I save the citations.

Video 4: Milner "Quick" Search
Sometimes, a "quick" search takes longer than you think it should...


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