Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Project 1 Proposal

The discussion for Project 1 is very open. There's no specific research component required - I'm mostly checking to see that you know the difference between writing research and content research in terms of how you'll approach you project. So describe the writing genre you want to research for Project 1, and I'll post replies to let you know if you're on the right track.

Overall: Genre, Topic, Details
The main things I'm looking for are that

  1. You've identified a genre of writing you'd like to study.
  2. You can talk about the topic where you've seen this genre and why that's important to you.
  3. You're able to give some details about how you'd research the genre.

Here are some examples of what I'm looking for:

Example of Nicely Focused Approach: Detailed Writing Research
"How researchers in Geosciences write press releases, using the example of the Capitan Reef System to illustrate." (You might then talk about the types of patterns you've noticed, the questions you have about press releases, and what about these topics personally interest you.)

Example of Good Investigative Approach to Writing Genres
"I'm not sure about my writing genre, but I'd like to talk about writing in the Geosciences. I know that people write scholarly articles, and I follow several blogs written by grad students in my field." (here, you'd then talk about why this interests you, and how understanding this writing better might help your future career.)

Example of Topic-Centered Writing Research
"I want to write about the formation of the Capital Reef System." (You'd then talk a bit about why the Capitan Reef System is important for you, but I'd also want more information about what writing genres surround it. So if there are Twitter feeds about saving the system, or journal articles about it, or news stories, you'd want to mention those in your post, too.

Everyone's still required to post replies to at least three classmates, but you can take the weekend to post them, if you need. I'll be using the Project 1 discussion to assign discussion groups next week - if you see someone working on a project you find interesting, be sure to post a comment. Generally, I match up groups based on shared interests, and the comments help me better personalize the groups for each student.


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