Thursday, July 9, 2015

Status Reports: Brainstorming with Your Classmates

In a status report, you'll briefly tell your classmates about your work.  What topic are you focusing on?  What are a couple surprising things you've found?

One of the most important parts of your status report isn't the topic itself, but your progress in the writing.  Talk about what you've done to make time for your research.  Describe how you chose your sources.  Ask questions - find out what your classmates think about your topic.  If you're torn between different ideas, mention those.  If there's something about your project you just can't figure out, ask your classmates for ideas.  This is the perfect place for brainstorming.

Brainstorming Is Freewriting
The goal for a status update isn't new research - you don't need citations, you don't need to worry about grammar or syntax.  Instead, I want you to reflect on the writing experience so far.  So talk about whether or not you're following your outline, or if there are more sources you're still looking up, or whether you found your secondary and scholarly sources to be helpful, that kind of thing.  Treat this as freewriting - you're simply sharing your personal writing experiences with your classmates.

Responding to Your Classmates
When responding to status updates by your classmates, let them know if you are experiencing the same things right now.  If someone's facing writer's block, do you have suggestions?  If someone's having trouble applying a CHAT term, do you have some ideas?

Quoting Your Classmates
In your papers, you can also include quotes from your classmates.  So if someone in the discussions provides you with a really helpful idea, feel free to cite them in your paper (something like "As Ryan said in the July 13th discussion..." works fine.)


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