Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unit 1 - Popular Culture and CHAT - Spring 2012

For Project 1, you'll be preparing a presentation on a work of popular literature of your choice. In preparing your presentation, here are relevant links you'll want to review.
Quick Checklist
For this unit, you will need to:
  • Register for HubPages.
  • Note on the Moodle which Pop Culture Text you'll be presenting.
  • Create a Hub with your presentation.
  • Workshop your presentation in small groups.

Project 1 Requirements
These links explain the goals of the project and the grading guidelines.

Research Resources
Success in this project requires the use of CHAT:

Technology Resources
Here are links to technology resources to help you as you put together Project 1.

Example Presentations

The Workshop Process
Here's a visual description of how the workshop process works:

In-Class Activities
We'll use these activities to develop the mindset and skills to help you better understand CHAT and prepare your presentations.
  • Design the worst PowerPoint slide ever.  Make it as terrible as possible.  Your goal is to suck the out souls from your victims (er, audience...) through their eyeballs.
  • We'll be doing a "write your favorite color" activity as a way to consider how our outlook and perceptions change the ways we express ourselves through writing.


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