Monday, January 16, 2012

Semester Schedule - Spring 2012

Here's our current schedule. There will be quizzes on each reading on the day it's listed. Also note the assignments and deadlines in italics.

Project 1: CHAT and Popular Culture

Week 1 - Jan 17-21

CHAT Maps, Facebook Groups, HubPages, and Moodle

  • Tuesday: Syllabus
  • Due Thursday in-class: handwritten description of your previous experiences with writing.
  • Thursday: Angell, White, Walker.
  • Access Moodle by the end of this week

Week 2 - Jan 22-28

PowerPoint, Images, Copyright, and Fair Use

  • Tuesday: Gries and Brooke
  • Thursday: Lucas (GWRJ), Doctorow
  • Register for HubPages and sign up for workshops by the end of this week.
  • On Moodle (In-Class):  Describe the Worst PowerPoint Presentation in the History of the World
  • Due On HubPages before class Thursday: Post slides from PowerPoint describing what you want to do with your presentation.  (please note changes)

Week 3 - Jan 29-Feb 4

begin P1 workshops and assessment - 5 workshops

  • Monday: Workshops due on HubPages by 5pm.
  • Tuesday: Johnston (GWRJ)
  • Thursday: 5 Workshops
  • Select groups for Peha reading.

Project 2: Writing Across the Curriculum

Week 4 - Feb 5-11

WAC, Writing Research, and Blogger

  • Monday: Workshops due on HubPages by 5pm.
  • Tuesday: Changed to Amy Tan and Writing Across the Disciplines (Open-Book Group Quiz)
  • Thursday: 5 workshops
  • Register for Blogger and set up your group's blog by the end of this week

Week 5 - Feb 12-18

Begin Professor Interviews – Post Findings to Blogger

  • Monday: Workshops due on HubPages by 5pm.
  • Tuesday: Shapiro (GWRJ), Godwin
  • Thursday: 5 Workshops - Moved to Monday
  • By Friday: Post your personal reflections to the group blog regarding the role of writing in the discipline you're examining.
  • Schedule group interview with a professor in your chosen field.

Week 6 – Feb 19-25

Genre Research: CHAT maps for the chosen field

  • Monday: Workshops due on HubPages by 5pm.
  • Tuesday: Gentile (GWRJ), Harbord - Workshops from 16-Feb
  • Thursday: 5 Workshops
  • By Friday: Post annotated bibliographies to Group Blog.

Week 7 - Feb 26-Mar 3

Group Presentations to class on Genre Findings + Midterm Portfolio

  • Monday: Workshops due on HubPages by 5pm.
  • Tuesday: Jackson (GWRJ), Koehler (GWRJ), Added: Gentile (GWRJ)
  • Thursday: 3 Workshops
  • Due Friday: Post Midterm Portfolios to Dropbox.
  • Prepare your group presentations for next week. All interviews should be complete.

Week 8 - Mar 4-10

Creating the meta-documents for your field

  • Tuesday: Erdrich
  • Thursday: Group Presentations

Week 9 - Mar 11-17

Spring Break - No Class

Week 10 – Mar 18-24


  • Tuesday: In-Class Writing
  • 24 Paper Copies of Meta-Documents due in-class on Thursday.
  • Thursday:

Week 11 – Mar 25-31

Alternative Assessment in the Context of Writing

  • Pre-Workshop Comments due on Moodle by 9pm Monday
  • Tuesday: Workshopping Meta-Documents
  • Group Member Assessment Worksheets due to Moodle by 9pm Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Alternative Group Assessment

    Project 3: Grassroots

    Week 12 – Apr 1-7

    Choosing Groups and Topics

    • Tuesday: Hicks (GWRJ), Miller
    • Thursday: Jackson

    Week 13 - Apr 8-14

    Writing Grassroots Articles

    Week 14 - Apr 15-21

    Grassroots Workshops

    Week 15 - Apr 22-28

    Digital Copy of Final Portfolio due In-Class Thursday

    Writing Program Assessment

    Week 16 – Apr 29-May 5


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