Saturday, January 14, 2012

Presentation Checklist: Pop Culture and CHAT

This checklist for your **Popular Culture** presentations should help guide you as you put together your PowerPoint presentations.

For Unit 1, you'll be posting PowerPoint presentations online to HubPages. For your presentation, you may discuss any book, movie, magazine, or other widely-distributed work of your choice (e.g. Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, The New Yorker, or Leonardo's Mona Lisa.) You'll use your presentation to introduce the chosen work to your classmates and then describe the social and cultural activities surrounding the work.

This checklist is meant to provide guidance as you prepare your presentation. Grading will be based on how well you meet the requirements of the following items:


  • Presentation: Each slide you've prepared is accompanied by complete notes. A visitor to your website could follow your presentation without you present to explain.
  • Citation: You provide citations and URL links for your research and for any images produced by someone other than yourself.

    You'll note a few places in this checklist which say CITATION NEEDED. A well-developed presentation would require either links to websites or notes to show which books this information came from.


  • How is the work produced? (e.g. storyboards, pen-and-paper, etc.)
  • How are the creators and contributors acknowledged?

    How many authors are there? Are there actors? What's the source of financial backing?
  • What kind of research did the authors do in order to create the work?
    Example: Before writing Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling wrote extensive notes on every aspect of the Hogwarts universe. In addition, she populated her work with creatures drawn from myth and folklore. This pre-writing research and note-taking no doubt contributed to the intricacy of the plot. (CITATION NEEDED: Interview with J.K. Rowling)

Genre Conventions

  • You identify the genre medium (e.g. books vs. movies) and the topical genres (e.g. romance vs. science fiction vs. supernatural teen romance) wherein the work fits.
  • You describe the genre conventions which are typical for the medium and genre.
  • You discuss how the specific work meets the genre expectations and how it challenges them.

    Example: Battlestar Galactica features a life-and-death struggle between humans and machines like in the Terminator movies, but the machines in BSG exhibit varying personalities, emotions, and even instances of self-doubt.

Social Activity

  • You describe how the work is physically and socially distributed (e.g. YouTube vs. millions of printed copies delivered to doorsteps in metropolitan areas)
  • You discuss any social mores which have been changed or created as a result of the work.

    Example: Actress Nichelle Nichols (a.k.a. "Lieutenant Uhura" from the original Star Trek) has mentioned that she was encouraged by leaders of the Civil Rights Movement to continue her work on Star Trek because they were proud to see an African American woman on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise (CITATION NEEDED: Interview with Nichelle Nichols) How did her role reveal the changing social expectations of the 1960s and '70s? To what degree did her role lead to social change?


  • Your presentation describes the work's intended audience.
  • You discuss how genre conventions are used to attract that audience.
  • Your research (from book reviews, fan sites, etc.) indicates what the audience reception has been.

    One band member once announced that the Beatles were "more popular than the Bible" (CITATION NEEDED). How would different audiences respond to this statement? How did other public figures reply (if they did)? Did this statement cause people to purchase more or fewer Beatles albums? (Answers to these questions would require CITATION NEEDED.)


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