Monday, January 16, 2012

Course Schedule and Resources: Fall 2011

This schedule from the Fall Semester of 2011 can give insights into how the course generally works.

Resources for ENG 101
Course Syllabus with Broad Schedule Overview
Planning Spreadsheet with Detailed Schedule (continually updated)
Milner Library iTour of Research Resources
Milner Library Search Feedback with Jennifer Sharkey

Required Text
Grassroots Writing Research Journal, Issue 2.1: Fall 2011, ed. Walker, J.R.  Department of English, Illinois State University.

Fall 2011

Unit 1: Community, Style, and Syntax

Week 1
Day 1 - Introduction to the ENG 101
Day 2 - Genre Expectations and The Syntax Exercise

Week 2
Day 1 - Library Resources and The Oral Tradition
Day 2 - Parody, Satire, and Genre

Week 3
Day 1 - Multifaceted Research and Sharing Information Online
Day 2 - How to Create Your Blog in Blogger

Week 4
Day 1 - Workshop Peer Review - Four Rules of Progressive Feedback
Day 2 - Workshop Group Rotations

Unit 2: Plot, Causality, and Transition

Week 5
Day 1 - Intro to Chaos and NarrativeMusic Videos - Parody Videos
Day 2 - Examples: Genre Conventions - Visual Projects

Week 6
Day 1 - Group Work on Project 2
Day 2 - Alternative Assessment: Student-Centered Grading

Week 7
Day 1 - Visual Brainstorming Activity
Day 2 - What is Plagiarism?

Week 8
Day 1 - Midterm Assessment: Negotiating Grades
Day 2 - Project 2 Presentations (see Writing Blog Genre for URL links)

Unit 3 - Grassroots and Writing About Writing

Week 9
Day 1 - Grassroots Groups
Day 2 - Reviewing Rough Drafts

Week 10
Day 1 - Mapping Details and Causality
Day 2 - Mapping Your Cultural-Historical Activity Theory of Self

Week 11
Day 1 - Project 4 Overview and Updated Schedule (see Week 12)
Day 2 - Creating Your Facebook Fan Page
Grassroots Articles Due Friday

Unit 4 - Selling to the Hostile and/or Indifferent Audience

Week 12
Day 1 - Project 4 Overview - Updated Schedule
Day 2 - Project 4 Proposal Guidelines - Uploading PowerPoint to Facebook

Week 13
Day 1 - Proposal Workshops Part I
Day 2 - Proposal Workshops Part II

Week 14 - Thanksgiving Break - No Class

Week 15
Day 1 - Project Workshops Part I
Day 2 - Project Workshops Part II

Week 16
Day 1 - Project Workshops Part III
Day 2 - Project 4 and Final Portfolios Due In-Class (on thumb drive)


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