Friday, February 18, 2011

Poetry Workshops: The Fifty-Point Scale

The poetry workshops will use a fifty-point scale similar to the Fiction Grading Scale.  However, the scale will be customized for poetry - come back soon to see how the specific needs of poetry are incorporated into the numbering system.

The 50-pt Writing Scale (Poetry):

50 - Excellent Work. Practically no grammatical, syntax, or spelling mistakes.

45 - Very Good Work.  Very few style or syntax errors.

40 - Good Work.  Few style or syntax errors.

35 - Good Foundation.  There are just enough style and syntax errors that we're a bit distracted from the narrative, but not enough that we'd stop reading.

30 - The Work Is In-Progress.  The style and syntax errors make it difficult to focus on the poem.

25 - Rough Draft.  The style and syntax of the piece makes the meaning of some of the sentences unclear.

20 - Planning Stages.  The style and syntax causes significant confusion in the piece, and we see a few paragraphs which are unclear.

15 - Early Planning Stages.  It's rare that I give a grade in this range or below.  If I do, it is usually due to issues in syntax, specificity of detail, and rhythm in past assignments which have gone uncorrected.  Please read my comments carefully.  And please let me know a good time that we can meet to discuss your work.


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