Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quiz - Amy Tan and Writing Across the Disciplines

Today's quiz on the readings for Amy Tan and Writing Across the Disciplines will be an open-book group quiz.  For this quiz, you'll each work in groups to provide written answers to questions from the text.

Quiz Rationale
For these written responses, you'll find that there are no "right" answers to the questions, but there are good ways to approach each question.  My goal is to encourage you to use information from the readings to inform and support your answers.

This quiz is an open-book group quiz because I would like each of you to practice using the available resources while communicating with each other in order to address a project with multiple components.  Note that there are individual scores and group scores - each individual student will receive up to six points for the quality of his or her own answer, and then up to four points for the quality of the entire group's answers.  The group score will be the same for each group member.  (Please note: only one student may provide written response to any individual question.)

You'll note that the two readings for today were very different in approach and scope, but I have found that individuals studying in different disciplines sometimes cannot effectively communicate - it really is as if they're speaking different languages.  For this reason, I would like to see each of you include at least one specific example from both of the readings in your individual answer.

Quiz Scoring

This is the score for your open-book group quiz.  Scoring will be based on the individual answer to your own question (6pts) and the overall score for your entire group (4pts).

Part 1 - Individual Scores
2pts: A minimum of two specific references from the readings (one each from Tan and Writing Across the Disciplines).

2pts: Giving a coherent answer to the question.

2pts: Stating a new insight you learned from the reading and the group discussion which relates to this question.

Part 2 - Group Scoring
2pts: Each group member provided a coherent answer to his or her question.

2pts: Each group member provided specific references to the readings.  (I cannot award full points if every group member uses the exact same references)


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