Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unit 2: Writing Across the Curriculum - Spring 2012

For the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) project, you'll be working in small groups to describe how writing is used in other disciplines.  These links are meant to provide resources and suggestions for your projects.

Quick Checklist
For this unit, your group will need to:
  • Register for Blogger.
  • Note on the Moodle which field of study your group will be presenting.
  • Create a blog which provides an annotated bibliography, a description of the writing which takes place in the field, and a plan for developing your presentation.
  • Interview a professor in your field.
  • Present a description of the genre to your classmates.
  • Create a meta-document for your field.
  • Workshop your meta-documents.
  • Assess each other's contributions to the project and the process of group work.

Project 2 Requirements
These links explain the goals of the project and the grading guidelines.  All written text except your Meta-Document will be posted to your group blog.

Research Resources
For this project, you'll rely on effective teamwork and extensive research:

Technology Resources
Here are links to technology resources to help you as you put together Project 1.

The Workshop Process
Here's a visual description of how the workshop process works.  These are the same resources from Project 1, but the workshop will be continuing aspect of class throughout the semester:


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