Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unit 2 Meta-Document Requirements

For Unit 2, we'll be workshopping the meta-documents your group prepares.  Here are the main requirements for these projects.

The Meta-Document: Separate from Your Blog

You'll be using your blogs as a planning and organizational tool for your group projects.  The meta-document, on the other hand, is a single coherent document meant for outside readers.  Feel free to write as much as you need on your blogs - you are not required to include all the information or sources from your blog in the meta-document.

For the meta-document, you'll be limited to 5 double-spaced pages (minimum 4, maximum 6).  Please note:
  • Your bibliography is not included as part of the page count
  • One page of diagrams is equivalent to half a page of text.
  • Links to your blog are encouraged.
  • All images, diagrams, and research must be cited
  • Proper MLA or APA citation must be used when referring to outside sources.
  • 4-6pp double-spaced, 1'' margins on all sides.
  • Include your Group Number, Section Number, and the list of all Group Members on Page 1 (single-spaced list)
  • Include your Group Number, Section Number, and Page Number on each page.


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